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Director Message

MEANING: The definition of “Titan” is an extremely large and powerful person, organization, or in this context, Nation. According to our executive leadership, Titan Sports Academy is a metaphor for the great nation of the UAE.

In fact, Titan Team carefully selected the name to remind all of the UAE’s residents- and those outside the UAE- of the tremendous spirit, fortitude, and most of all, unity, of the United Arab Emirates.

As an institution, Titan Sports Academy is devoted to working with the Nation’s key stakeholders to build a thriving, vibrant, and physically educated population that are actively and consistently involved in sports participation throughout their lives.

IMAGE: This is why we have carefully selected as our logo the beak of the national mascot of the UAE- the fierce, elegant and noble falcon- to provide a constant reminder to our members that in order to progress as a competitive nation we must set and deliver targeted goals for ourselves and our loved ones with clear and ambitious expectations at the individual level.

FOUNDATION: At Titan Sports Academy, we know that a robust foundation in physical fitness and physical education are the cornerstone of a resilient and prosperous nation. As our members and partners will attest, Titan Sports Academy is ambitious about our Nation’s potential and aggressive about our strategy to help the UAE reach its health, physical fitness and development goals which define all competitive nations.

GOALS: We will specifically and systematically reduce rates of diabetes, obesity, and other avoidable lifestyle illnesses by increasing the pool of Emiratis that regularly participate in organized sports by teaching holistic life skills Emiratis can transfer through the generations.

At Titan Sports Academy, we make physical education fun, productive and sustainable by providing an educational pedagogy through sports participation.

At Titan Sports Academy, we take pride in “Educating through Sport.”