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Titan Philosophy

Titan Pathways

TEAM Titan

  • Competition opportunities
  • Elite development pathways
  • Elite competitive decision making and awareness

Private Titan

  • Individualized
  • Customized
  • Personalized to fit individual needs

Little Titans

  • Introduce movement in sports context
  • Introduce fun through sports
  • Provide sports exploration through games

Titan Advanced

Titan Intermediate

  • Basic movement patterns
  • Intermediate techniques, combinations and cialis generique counters
  • Introduction to competitive environment

Titan MTB (Master the Basics)

  • Fundamental body mechanics
  • Essential techniques
  • Rules and principles

Goal Alignment – Our staff care about each individual member’s goals and are sensitive to their challenges and shortcomings. We listen attentively and always welcome the opportunity to talk about what our members want to achieve.

Movement Proficiency – Our staff constantly assess our members’ movement to understand strength/ power, flexibility and control issues that may be impeding performance. Our staff always seek to improve movement quality of our members.

Master the Basics Program (Titan MTB) – Mastering the general and sport-specific movement patterns is essential for proficient athletic performance. Titan
staff seek opportunities to identify, reinforce and improve fundamentals in each particular sport or activity. We provide opportunities for our members to learn to do the essential things well.

Structured Programming, Customized Programming & Open Mat Opportunities – All training should have a purpose. Titan staff implement proven techniques grounded on the principles of deliberate practice. We encourage our members to understand the purpose and underlying elements of their skills and to regularly test their abilities to understand their practical application.

A System for Dealing with Setbacks and Injuries – Our staff seek opportunities to identify when our members hit plateaus or lose focus so we are able to generate long term solutions. Occasionally, when setbacks manifest themselves through physical injuries, Titan Sports Academy encourage productive rest or facilitate external assessment by qualified medical professionals.

Regular Communication – Our staff are dedicated professionals that care about our members’ long-term development. We maintain regular touch points with all our members and seek to build strong relationships with the community.

Quality Coaching and Leadership – Our staff lead by example. Our team is comprised of experienced athletes, coaches and industry practitioners that are dedicated to providing excellent development opportunities to our members.

Cleanliness, Respect & Integrity – Safety- physical and emotional- of our members is of primary importance to Titan staff. We require all members to
not only respect their own time and personal image during participation of our programs but also other members’ development needs by exercising mutual respect and teamwork.

Measurement/ Improvement/ Results –  There can be little improvement without measurement. Titan staff regularly quantify our members’ development
to highlight improvement opportunities as well as goal milestones. We strongly believe that results can and must be quantified to ensure continuous improvement.

Fun – Our staff ensure our programs are always fun and interesting through interactive and varied games and activities.

Sustainable – Our programs are designed and executed to help our members develop lifelong healthy and positive habits
through active sports participation and innovative physical fitness programs