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Karate is probably the most recognized martial art in the world. Everyone knows someone that has at least tried this beautiful Japanese art at one point in their life. Originating from the Ryukyu Islands of Okinawa, Karate was introduced to Japan in the early 1900s at the height of cultural exchanges between China and Japan and can be seen in popular culture and films such as The Karate Kid. Due to its popularity, Karate will be introduced as an official sport of the Olympic Games in 2020.

Benefits of the Titan Karate Program

  • Internationally benchmarked – Our program is aligned with global standards promulgated in Japan, USA, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom.
  • Structured- targeted, goal-centric training to develop and master specific Karateskills and dispositions.
  • Systematic programming-Programming revolves around cycled time horizons throughout the year to ensure skill requirements are measured, regularly reinforced, and aligned with our specific articulated Karate Road Map.
  • Expert team- Our coaches have trained and fought with the premier male and female Karate instructors, practitioners, and organizations throughout the world.
  • Innovative and Holistic- Titan’s Karate program incorporates kata, kihon, conditioning, self-defense, as well as sport elements making for a complete fun martial arts offering.