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Physical Education

Physical Education

The links between the mind and body have been the topic of philosophical and academic discussions for thousands of years. From the ancient Greeks to Confucius, the importance of learning how to use your body has been emphasized and theorized without pause. With the rise of obesity, diabetes and other lifestyle illnesses, coupled with the decreasing number of internationally-competitive athletes coming from the UAE and region as a whole, there has never been a greater need to teach our population how to use their physical gifts.

Physical education has recently become a buzz term for “just go out and kick a round ball.” However, research proves time and again that the benefits of a robust and comprehensive PE program are often what distinguish great nations from average ones. Running, jumping, bending, stretching, lifting, pulling…the list goes on. Titan provides all the elements that separate healthy, athletic populations from the others.

Benefits of the Titan Physical Education Program

  • Internationally benchmarked-The Titan team have benchmarked our PE program against the United Nations World Health Organization, the British Royal Navy, the National Football League of the United States (“NFL”), the Howard County Public School System’s Physical Education program guidelines, and the Athletes Performance Institute, among others.
  • Structured- targeted, goal-centric training to develop and master specific and generalphysical skills covering balance, speed, flexibility, mobility, strength,and power.
  • Systematic programming-Programming revolves around cycled time horizons throughout the year to ensure skill requirements are measured, regularly reinforced, and aligned with our specific articulated Physical Education Road Map and Titan Assessment Test.
  • Expert team-Our instructors have a broad range of experience implementing physical education and fitness programs across the globe and developmental levels.
  • Innovative and Holistic- As our flagship platform, the Titan Assessment Test and its parallel Titan Assessment Test Prep course distinguish the Titan Physical Education Program as the first holistic, comprehensive physical assessment platform in the UAE, and will ensure that you are not just proficient at your chosen sport, but that you are a great athlete capable of participating in any physical activity you choose.